Where to Find Affordable Sustainable + Vegan + Ethical Winter-Wear

This is the first year as a vegan that I’ve needed to buy new winter clothes. What I’ve found is that it seems nearly impossible to find an ETHICAL, SUSTAINABLE, VEGAN sweater (or all winter-wear for that matter).

Ethical brands are usually made with wool, cashmere, or synthetic materials that are harmful to the environment.

Vegan brands are usually made with synthetic materials as well.

Sustainable brands are almost always wool or cashmere…

and then there is the rare, hard-to-find sweet spot:

the ethical, sustainable, vegan brands

ThredUp & Poshmark

First and foremost, I always shop secondhand! My favorite online sources for secondhand shopping are ThredUp and Poshmark. I’ve found all my winter coats from them - the downside is that you have to search day in and day out to find what you’re looking for… Sometimes you’ll hit the jackpot, and other times you won't!

If you’re not so into the hit-or-miss game, keep scrolling for more ethical & eco-friendly options!


KOTN is another ethical brand that has lovely winter basics made with cotton! They’re also really affordable!

Longsleeve Dress - $50

Longsleeve Dress - $50

Affordability: average cost is $20-$40


Everlane is one of my favorite ethical brands, however, their vegan collection is quite small. They are slowly but surely incorporating more vegan products, but for now, check out some of their cotton and reNEW collections!

Women’s Cotton Long-Sleeve V-Neck Crop | $50

Women’s Cotton Long-Sleeve V-Neck Crop | $50

Affordability: average cost is $40-$100


I am loving SlumLove this season! I recently discovered them on my search for sustainable, vegan, ethical winter clothes. I’m absolutely loving this trendy wrap-top and it’s relatively affordable!

The Knit Wrap Top | $85

The Knit Wrap Top | $85

Affordability: Average cost is $50-$80


I’m loving this military style jacket that is made using organic cotton and non-toxic dyes (also, it’s on sale right now!)

Women’s Urban Zip Coat | $133.50 (normally $178)   *Unrelated side-note: this girl looks like a blonde version of Jessica Jones

Women’s Urban Zip Coat | $133.50 (normally $178)
*Unrelated side-note: this girl looks like a blonde version of Jessica Jones

Affordability: Average cost is $170-$250

Girlfriend Collective

While Girlfriend is an active-wear brand, their leggings are fantastic and thick, which makes them a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. They’re made from recycled plastic bottles which I’m on the fence about the sustainability aspect of that, but one thing is for sure; it’s definitely helping the immediate plastic waste issue.

High-Rise Legging | $68

High-Rise Legging | $68

Affordability: Average cost is right around $68!


They have several 100% cotton long sleeve shirts that are great for winter, ethically made, vegan, and made with environmentally-safe materials!

Affordability: average cost is $40-$65

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is a little bit pricier than the above mentioned brands, but the quality never disappoints! I have owned a couple Eileen Fisher pieces secondhand and they’re adorable. Right now, I’m loving this Organic Cotton Long Cardigan ($268).

They also have some organic cotton scarves that are worth checking out, like this Handloomed Organic Cotton Scarf (on sale for $79)

Affordability: Average Cost is $100-$200

Well, that wraps up my finds from this year’s search for vegan, sustainable, and ethical winter-wear! I’d love to know if you have found winter wear that fits into all these categories :)

Stay Warm!

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