10 Ways to Naturally Detox Your Body

When our bodies are in a toxic overload, it can take a toll on our long-term health and bring on ailments from chronic illnesses to auto-immune diseases! That’s why it’s so important to engage in preventative-health and take steps to detox your body daily!

If you want to learn more about toxins, why they’re bad and how to know if you’re in toxic overload, check out my post here that goes into more detail about all of those things!

We should be detoxing our bodies daily to prevent a toxic overload!

Here are some easy ways you can detox naturally every single day!

1. Breathing Exercises

Even though we breathe all-day, every-day, most of us are doing it wrong! Breathing is an involuntary action our body does on behalf of us so we don’t die (thanks, body!), which means we never really think about it - we just do. This can be problematic, as most of us do not fully exhale ALL the air in our lungs, which means we don’t take in as much oxygen as we should when we inhale again. The remaining breath that sits in our lungs is called “stale air”.

Breathing properly and getting enough oxygen helps our bodies naturally fight off bacteria and promotes better blood-flow!

You can practice breathing properly right now by sitting up straight, taking in a deep breath, placing your hand on your stomach and feeling your stomach rise as you inhale, and fall as you exhale fully. Push all that air out!

Note: Your shoulders shouldn’t move up rapidly as you inhale. Focus on breathing from your belly!

2. Prayer & Meditation

Stress can have some major effects on our health by putting our bodies in “fight” mode. Stress releases the hormones adrenaline and cortisol, and when we don’t take time to bring our bodies back to a relaxed state, stress can literally make us sick!

Praying and meditating is not only necessary on a spiritual level, it has also been proven scientifically to have major health benefits. God designed our bodies to be in connection with him, so it makes total sense that when we are disconnected from our creator, we begin to crash.

Praying doesn’t have to be hard, it’s like talking to someone who you’re close with. Every morning when I wake up, I like to smile and tell God “Good morning! Thank you for waking me up today!” It not only starts my day with gratitude, it reminds me who’s really in control!

Meditation definitely takes more practice; whether you want to meditate on a specific word or verse by praying over it and repeating it, or practicing mindful meditation, it takes practice and determination - the result is always worth it though!

3. Drink Water

Specifically, purified water! I recently learned water contains tons of heavy metals so it’s very important to get a good filter! This is the filter I use, it filters out toxins such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and more. You can also check if your water is safe by using this at-home water testing kit. My parents have these at their house and it’s really neat to do a water test on various kinds of “purified” water!

4. Drink Tea

Organic Green Tea is filled with antioxidants that are so beneficial for healing your body! Other great detoxifying teas are burdock root tea, ginger tea, and dandelion root.

5. Sweat

Our bodies are so neat - they’re actually designed to detox naturally and one of the ways we detox naturally is by sweating! This is part of the reason it’s so important to use non-toxic deodorant that allows your underarms to sweat - because when you use antiperspirant, you’re stopping your body from doing something it NEEDS to do to stay healthy! If you want to switch to a natural deodorant, my favorite is Piper Wai, it smells amazing and keeps me smelling fresh too :)

Other ways to sweat include working out, soaking in a hot bath, spending time in a sauna, sitting outside in the Texas heat (haha), and so on!

6. Take an Epsom-Salt Bath

Speaking of sweating, epsom-salt baths are my personal favorite way to detox because it’s just as relaxing as it is detoxing! I like to drop a couple drops of lavender essential oil in there to promote calmness and help me de-stress. I try to take a bath at least once a week, but if I can get in a bath every other day, I feel that much more relaxed!

7. Bring Plants Into Your Home

Specifically plants that are known to cleanse the air, such as ivy, bamboo palm, spider plants, and Boston ferns to list a few! Not only will these plants purify your air, they will add a touch of life to lighten up your home. And I’ve found that there’s something therapeutic about caring for your plants too. It’s a nice little morning ritual to add in for me to start my day off in a peaceful manner.

8. Drink Juice or a Smoothie

My favorite “detox” juice blend right now is:

Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, Apple, Pear, and Cilantro!

If you can tolerate it, celery is very good for detoxing, but personally I hate celery and avoid it at all costs (haha).

9. Dry-Brush Your Body

Our skin is our largest organ and dry brushing is a great way to stimulate your lymphatic system which is crucial to detoxing! Along with dry brushing, you can also perform a lymphatic massage to promote proper lymphatic flow.

10. Eat Seaweed Soup

There’s a Korean soup called Miyukguk that is traditionally given to women after giving birth to help their bodies detox and replenish quickly! It’s known as the “birthday soup” for Koreans to eat on every birthday because of this tradition!

Miyukguk is actually one of my favorite Korean soups! It’s so easy to make, light in calories, has a ton of health benefits, and is so delicious!

No matter how you choose to detox, do it daily! Love your body and take care of it well.

What’s your favorite way to detox?


Sierra Kim