How to Tidy Up & Minimize Your Wardrobe | KonMari Method

Spring is around the corner, and the KonMari Method is taking over the internet!

In the minimalist community, Marie Kondo is pretty well known. Some like her and some don’t, I personally think she’s adorable and I love that her movement is inspiring minimalists and non-minimalists alike!
I’ve listened to one of her books through Audible, skimmed through others, and been practicing Minimalism since before I even knew what it was.

Marie Kondo inadvertently talks about minimalism to SOME degree, encouraging people to discard items that don’t “spark joy” and keep items that DO spark joy. For some, that may be a lot of items, for others, it may be a few. She does, however, encourage deeper personal reflection as to why we hold on to some items and struggle to let them go.


Simply Put, the KonMari method is a method of cleaning and organizing to encourage us to discard items that do not spark joy, and keep items that do spark joy. She recommends doing this by “tidying” up by category (clothes, books, papers, keepsakes, etc).

If you’re curious to learn more about Marie Kondo, check out her docuseries on Netflix called “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.”

Today, I’m talking about tidying up our wardrobes!


Step 1: Open the windows for some fresh air and natural light, diffuse some essential oils, and put some relaxing music on (I prefer LoFi or something without words so I can have mental clarity). We’ve got quite the journey ahead of us by diving into all of our clothes, so setting the mood is KEY here.

A diffusing blend I’ve into lately that supports focus and energy is peppermint + lemon!

Step 2: Begin by doing all of your laundry so you can easily see all of your belongings, including out of season items and in-season items.

Step 3: Add all of your clothes to a pile, including the clothes that were previously hung or folded.

Step 4: Once all of your clothes are piled, start by picking up one item at a time and holding it in your hands as you ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?”

If the answer is YES, fold it and add it to your keep pile!

If the answer is NO, ask yourself “Why am I holding onto this?”

During my tidying session, I chose to discard the following items:

  • Items that did not spark joy

  • Items that were too uncomfortable to wear / did not fit me properly

  • Items that I have never worn

  • Items that might bring more joy to someone else

Be honest with yourself and assessing if you truly need the item. The goal is to ONLY keep items that spark joy, even if this means your wardrobe will drastically reduce (mine did, but it’s actually easier to get dressed now and I feel more confident!)

Step 5: Once you have sorted through all of your clothes, fold the using the “KonMari” method and hang the ones that can’t be folded!

Step 6: As you’re placing your clothes in your drawer and folding things back up, organize them by color! This will make it easier to find items you’re looking for when you go to get dressed. It’s also majorly satisfying :)

Step 7: Use storage bins for miscellaneous items like winter hats, scarves, pantyhose, or other items that don’t necessarily have a designated drawer. I also find that it’s helpful to use cardboard bins or shoe boxed in some of my drawers to sort and separate my socks and undies. These keeps them neatly folded and in place too.

If you want to find out more about how to practice the KonMari Method, I recommend checking out her book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” or watching the Netflix series, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”. I personally enjoyed the book better than the series, but everyone is motivated by different avenues - so do what works for you!

How do you tidy up your wardrobe? Is it time to do another “tidying” session?

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