FALL DECOR (+ tips) | Sustainable + Minimal

This time last year, we had JUST purchased our home… Which is another way to say we had no extra money to spend on frivolous things like Pumpkins. Thankfully, I did win a little Instagram giveaway which enabled me to get a wreath to hang up on my door, and my heart was oh-so-happy. This was the first time in my life I had ever “invested” in any sort of decoration item.

As a minimalist, using “decorations” never really appealed to me until we became homeowners. Something about having my own space where I can exercise creative freedom has led me to discover the love I have of searching for minimal and sustainable ways to make a room feel cozy and rich in spirit.

I believe I captured the fall time spirit so perfectly for our home, and I’m so excited to share my photos with you as well as share some tips you can implement when it comes to decorating sustainably and minimally.

tip no. 1 - don’t overdo it.

This is especially hard if you get sucked into Pinterest and see all those immaculate front porches; you know the ones, with the stairs and hundreds of pumpkins, gourds, and random bunches of cabbage and kale? It’s gorgeous, it really is, but for me, I realized adding a few pumpkins to my front porch was more than enough (and more affordable, too!)

70843835_3023265917746789_4272688450232123392_n (1).jpg

tip no. 2 - plan out your decor before shopping

This year was my first time “buying decorations”, so I had no idea how to go about it. I ended up spending a full Saturday afternoon store-hopping and looking for anything “fall” like to decorate with. Thankfully, I knew this was a recipe for disaster and I was able to talk myself out of buying random pillows and towels!

I resolved to just go to sprouts and throw a ton of pumpkins into my cart with no real plan. When I got home, pumpkins in tow, I began feeling so overwhelmed and had no idea what to do with the pumpkins I just bought.

I then decided to make a plan and visualize my decor and realized I could have bought fewer little pumpkins, and a few more large pumpkins (for my porch). This wasn’t a huge deal, and I made it work and actually ended up loving the result, but it did require a couple extra trips to the store.


tip no. 3 - seek out natural fibers + incorporate nature

I am so pleased to say that 100% of my decorations are compostable (or edible). Whatever we don’t end up eating, I can compost in my backyard (OR through the City Composting service, which we JUST got in my area - WOO-HOO!) As for my wicker pumpkins, I plan on using those every year until they biodegrade naturally (which will probably not be in my lifetime).

Here are some ideas as to how you may want to incorporate nature and natural fibers:

  • Real Pumpkins (probably the most obvious - who doesn’t love a good pumpkin?)

  • Dried corn husks

  • Wicker / Wooden / Straw Decor (like my wicker pumpkins)

  • Dried berries, cinnamon sticks, acorns, or other forridged goods from outside!

  • 100% pure cotton blanets, throws, towels, centerpiece

  • 100% natural hanging wreath


tip no. 4 - fill your home with natural fragrance

My favorite fragrance in the world is pumpkin-spice ANYTHING. However, I don’t particularly love filling my home with artificial fragrances that are filled with chemicals and probable carcinogens (especially since I have asthma, I have to be very careful about artificial fragrance so it doesn’t trigger lung inflammation).

Although I do have my one pumpkin spice candle (I couldn’t resist….eek!), I have also been working on replicating this via the use of diffusing essential oils.

I think I FINALLY found the perfect diffusing blend for that “pumpkin spice” smell:

  • 3 Drops of Clove

  • 3 Drops of Vanilla (Young living doesn’t have vanilla so I use a brand from the store - it’s not as pure, but still better than synthetic candles!)

  • 2 Drops of Nutmeg

  • 1 Drop of Cardamom (optional)

If you don’t have a diffuser or essential oils, another easy and affordable way to fill your home with a fall aroma is to boil:

  • 2-3 cinnamon sticks

  • an orange peel (eat the orange!)

  • spicy herbs like star anise, clove, nutmeg

  • cocoa

tip no. 5 - take it easy :)

I think part of the reason I love fall goes back to my childhood when life was a little easier. I’d be getting ready for a new semester of home-schooling, and nothing excited me more picking out my own curriculum for the year and hurrying through my books to advance to next grade (I wish I could say that excitement lasted through college, but it definitely died off in high-school. haha!)

All that to say, life was simple back then. I’d play outside, get my hands dirty, come inside and relax, and work on spelling or arithmatic. I wasn’t worried about bills, catching up on social media, or burying myself in work projects.

I think it’s so important to take time as the seasons change to enjoy our lives, especially as adults, when we spend most of our days taking care of business, paying bills, managing work and household responsibilities. Go outside and enjoy the cool breeze. Go PLAY like a child again! Go play tag with someone, or a card game if you physically can’t play tag! Stay off social media for a full 24 hours (or more). Don’t stress about your ever growing to-do list or work projects that you’re behind on… Just go outside, play for a while, and come back in and finish your responsibilities. Life is happening NOW, don’t miss it :)


happy autumn, friends <3

Sierra Kim